Previously known as Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics PSRGNZ - Charitable Trust
As required under the new 2005 Charities Act, PSGR has reregistered as a charitable trust.

6 November 2005

The Right Hon. Helen Clark
Prime Minister
Parliament Buildings

Dear Prime Minister

Food Standard Australia New Zealand - mandatory Country of Origin Labelling of food

PSRG asks that government refuse to accept the above standard on the basis that it is inadequate for the needs of New Zealanders.

Country of Origin Labelling of foods is not simply a matter of choice. The following points demand consideration and are deserving of recognition:

• All New Zealanders have a right to know the origin of the food they ingest, including all ingredients whatever the quantity or nature.
• New Zealand society reflects many cultures, ethnicities and religions, and all its people should have as a basic right a choice over which foods they eat.
• Approximately 20 percent of New Zealanders suffer allergies, from minor considerations to those with potentially fatal consequences. The foods involved range from ‘whole’ foods such as milk, bananas and peanuts, to the smallest of ingredients and/or additives.
• Government should support local businesses and growers over foreign interests and considerations, and in doing so should require Country of Origin Labelling to clearly identify the country of origin for all foods and food ingredients. Trade liberalisation must not be put ahead of the rights of New Zealanders to know where their food comes from.
• A ‘Buy New Zealand’ policy, which would support local businesses and growers, would be negated if Country of Original Labelling is not adopted or is inadequate.

Ninety six percent of the submissions to FSANZ on Country of Origin Labelling were from New Zealanders who want Country of Origin Labelling of foods so that they have the basic civil right to make informed decisions about food purchases. Only fully detailed, comprehensive labelling is acceptable.

For further consideration, we refer you to the points made in our submission to FSANZ on Country of Original Labelling.


Jean Anderson
for Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics


Paul G Butler, BSc, MB, ChB, Dip. Obst. (Auckland), FRNZCGP
General Practitioner, Trustee PSRG, AUCKLAND

John R Clearwater, BSc, MSc, PhD
Principal Scientist, Clearwater Research and Consulting, Trustee PSRG, AUCKLAND

General Practitioner, Trustee PSRG, MURUPARA

Elvira Dommisse BSc.(Hons), PhD, Mus.B., LTCL, AIRMTNZ

Michael E Godfrey, MBBS, FACAM, FACNEM
Director, Bay of Plenty Environmental Health Clinic, Trustee PSRG, TAURANGA

Neil Macgregor, BSc, MSc, PhD
Soil Microbiologist, Institute of Natural Resources, Massey University,

Peter R Wills, BSc, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Auckland, Trustee PSRG, AUCKLAND

Robert G Anderson, BSc, PhD
Lecturer retired, Trustee PSRG, TAURANGA

Jean Anderson
Businesswoman retired, Trustee PSRG, TAURANGA.

E-mail copies to Jeanette Fitzsimons MP, Sue Kedgley MP, Annette King MP, Tariana Turia MP, Winston Peters MP, Jim Anderton MP, Peter Dunne MP, Don Brash MP.