Previously known as Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics PSRGNZ - Charitable Trust
As required under the new 2005 Charities Act, PSGR has reregistered as a charitable trust.

Who is experimenting with GE animals in New Zealand?

Since 1999, scientists at AgResearch’s campus at Ruakura, Hamilton, have created genetically engineered cattle with the purpose of developing a herd of transgenic dairy cows. The aim of this particular research programme has been to engineer the genetic modification of cattle to produce milk-products that AgResearch repeatedly claims are able to improve human health and nutrition. After almost ten years of research, these claims remain totally unsubstantiated.

What is AgResearch?

AgResearch Limited is an independent, Crown-owned research and development company. The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Crown Research Institutes are its shareholders. It comprises three science groups, a commercial services group and has business units which deal with corporate governance and services.
After-tax revenue for the year 2006-2007 for AgResearch and its subsidiaries was NZ$5.1 million.

AgResearch has campuses throughout New Zealand.

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What does AgResearch do?

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Does AgReserach need permission to experiment with GE?

Any enterprise that wants to experiment with genetic engineering technology or use genetically engineered organisms in New Zealand - in confinement, in field trials or in the environment - has to make an application to the Environmental Resource Management Authority (ERMA).

ERMA considers each application, the science submitted in support of it, and its implications for New Zealand.

To date, because ERMA has refused to take into account relevant scientific objections offered at every hearing, no formal application seeking ERMA Authority approval to use transgenic has ever been denied.

Submissions are invited on each application to ERMA. Anyone can monitor applications and make a submission in support or against any application.

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How to make a submission.

What applications have been made?

AgResearch Application GMF98009

AgResearch Application GMD02028